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Useless Men?

This incredibly brain-dead op-ed piece in the New York Times, written by a "man", informs us that since (male-created) technology allows women to have children on their own, men are no longer necessary.

This is a wide-spread meme today and one more indication that men who are looking for an ally in solving their problems need to take care.

My response to this ludicrous exercise in self-hatred  is very simple:

Women make babies. Men make civilizations.

Men On Strike Against Marriage

The decreasing numbers of men getting married is a natural response to the changes in the institution. The risks are far higher and the rewards far less reliable than they used to be. Men are not afraid of commitment; they're afraid of being ransacked. Check out this piece.

And here's a similar take:

How men grieve

Men, it seems, have ways of grieving a loss that can be quite different from women's ways. I've just started reading this new book about that by Daniel Duggan. Be it over death, loss of employment, a breakup, guys have their own path.

One of the complaints of the early feminists was that, like Aristotle or Melvin Udall*,  our culture always assumed that the male was the standard human and so women were always treated like strangely defective males. The revolutionary turnabout in our culture in the last 50 years has produced the precisely opposite situation, especially in the world of counseling and therapy: what is wrong with men is that they are not enough like women!

This conflict often shows up between husbands and wives who lose a child, where their gender-specific ways of handling such a grievous loss become grounds for the further tragedy of divorce.

The author of Men, Grief and Solitude shows that, among other male-specific patterns, some reactions to loss and sorrow th…

Hard truth

Although it's a merely human endeavor and therefore limited, therapy is about finding the truth. Here's some blunt opinion about a social and political movement that has achieved enormous power and has been seriously damaging to men: feminism.
You may wonder why feminists never stop writing about rape.
The answer is simple: Minus rape, feminism stands exposed as a trivial lists of complaints -- women not "empowered" enough in TV shows, Liz Lemon selling out the sisterhood on 30 Rock, Negative Body Image You Guys in the media, etc.
Minus rape, feminism is rather too obviously a list of trivial complaints by comfortable yet hysterical semi-affluent white women.
So they always are struggling to bring rape up as a topic, because it's obviously more serious than the six millionth whine that Men Expect Too Much Regarding Make-Up and Beauty Myth You Guys.
And that's it. It's the "serious" veneer slapped upon a very silly and trivial channeling of personal…

Studying While Male

When I worked in middle schools, the number of boys on drugs for "ADHD" was amazing. I came to the opinion that the highly feminized system simply could not handle young male energy. It seemed to me a mismatch of organism and environment rather than some kind of real disorder.

I remain skeptical of ADHD.

And, completely out of character, I provide a link to The New York Times which is likewise unconventional and sees the organism/environment disconnect involved.